You can now buy a digital GIFT CARD to book a tattoo session with Tania Vaiana.

Please notice that the total amount of the tattoo session will depend on the design, size, details, and time spend during the session and preparation of the drawings.

A 100€ GIFT CARD will pay the deposit to book a tattoo session, but wont be enough to pay for the minimum price of a tattoo.

The value of the GIFT CARD will be deduced from the final price of the tattoo you’ll get, if this is greater than the value of the GIFT CARD you have received.

If you’d like your GIFT CARD to be send automatically to another person, please leave their email address on the NOTES at check out.

When you buy your GIFT CARD you will receive an email with your GIFT CARD number.

After receiving a GIFT CARD you have to use the CONTACT FORM
to book your appointment and write the GIFT CARD number on the observations.

Tania Vaiana’s designs can only be tattooed by her. Every design is unique and not to be copied.

Tania Vaiana reserves the right to choose the projects she would like to tattoo. If your project does not suit her tattoo style, or you don’t reach a satisfactory agreement for your project you can transfer your card to another question with the previous arrangement with Tania Vaiana.

You can also exchange your card for a print, collage or original drawing available. If its price is lower than the value of your GIFT CARD you wont get a refund for the rest, but you may pay the difference if the price is higher than the value or your GIFT CARD.

Gifts cards are not refundables.

Please contact me if you have any questions, for more information about the session, prices, etc before buying this item.